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Awkward appearances staring in mine eyes, frightening the tears away. Not knowing who I am , where I am, or what part of day. Silence is about me , scaring the world that turns, throwing faces away, holding on to love where it yearns. Crying away the danger, waving the hurt good-bye, not knowing if hatred started with a lie. Coming into the prescence of the withholder, shining through the light of the bestower. Arriving late or early, not mattering to you, blinking the start of the day wondering what it holds for you. Shutting out all cries, jumping in the air with joy, reaching for a hand, tightening on your toy. Coming as a babe naked and bare, waiting to grow with the air. You feel the arms around you holding you so tight, but someday you'll be along walking in the light. Just think,"It's only the beginning, and there's a long way to go, but smile, it's all worthwhile. By: Mary Noble THE NET : "I give my employer a great deal of my time and creativity and I consistently do an outstanding job. It's unfair and stupid to look over my shoulder every minute to see if I am really working. Because I am a creative person, watching me every moment and forbidding digressions, even if they seem unrelated, would squash and squander the very thing that makes me a valuable employee." -- member Carolannie, p. 20 HOME : "Being able to grill in the front yard while wearing your underwear is my chief issue for livability. The deer don't seem to mind a bit." -- member DigitalCrayon, p. 115 WORK : "Temping wasn't such a bad job -- it kept my interest since I never knew where I'd be working, and I learned several different kinds of skills I'd probably not have if I hadn't. Temping also let me sample jobs and let me see if I could conceive of myself working there the rest of my life (most of the time I knew I couldn't)." -- member charPEF, p. 79 HOME : "I grew up hearing from my mother that I should live with someone before marriage. This was not a widely held view at the time, to be sure. But in her opinion (and now mine), dating someone does not give you the whole picture. To go from movies and dinner to marriage would frankly scare the hell out of me." -- member nvolkers, p. 138